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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules:

The rules are simple:

1. Keep This A Family Forum. Topics allowed include anything PG-13.(at moderators discretion) No X-Rated pictures, jokes etc. No racist remarks, gender remarks, nor sexual preference slams etc. You will be banned without warning. There will be no tolerance on this.

2. Respect Yourself & Others, else you will be banned without warning.

3. No Swearing or Flaming! Swearing, flaming, and slamming will not be tolerated. Posts that do not fall within the guideline will be deleted alltogether.

4. Locked or Deleted Posts. If one of your posts is locked or deleted, please do not start another thread dedicated to why it was edited. If you have a problem with your post being locked or deleted, please send a private message to me describing the problem.

5. No Defamatory, Political, Race Related or Sexual Preference Signatures Topics. Leave defamatory, political, race related and sexual preference comments out of your signatures, topics and user titles. I have seen this on other sites and it just gets out of control.

6. No Drug or Illegal Related Posts. Absolutely no threads promoting or condoning illegal drug use or illegal activities.

7. No Raffles or Donation Drives unless admin approved.

8. No Spam or Advertising Anything! Do not advertise your website/product or product/websites you are affiliated with unless admin approved.

9. No Private Message Advertising. Spamming users using private messages will be banned. Do not mass advertise through private messages.


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